About the Artist

James P. Aldworth

James P. Aldworth was born in 1925, in Chicago, Illinois. He graduated with a BS in Science from Northwestern University. As a young man he studied under the renowned painter Fernand Léger in Paris, where he was given a one man show. His early works hang in many private collections.

He returned to the States to marry, raise a family, and for 25 years had a career in the business world. Jim Aldworth resided in Connecticut for 10 years during which time he painted, drew, and sculpted in his spare time. Since the early 1980's he has made his home in Maine where the beauty of the scenery inspired him to paint full-time. For thirty years he has concentrated on painting music: bringing to visual life the moods and feelings music evokes. With vibrant colors and strong brushstrokes, he has captured the emotions summoned by the works of the world's best-known composers.

Some of these acrylic on paper works are lively and playful; others are dark and moody. All are filled with emotion, enthusiasm, and the love of great music.